Would your child walk off with a stranger?

After watching the video on Netmums it made me think. Are our children as clued up to the risks of stranger danger as we would like to think they are?

None of us like to think of the possibility that our child may be easily swayed to walk off with someone they have never met before, but the reality is that children are very easily swayed.

I talk to DS1 on a regular basis in regards to this, and explain to him that he must never speak to anyone he hasn’t met without talking to us first, and that he must never go off with anyone or get in a car even if he is offered sweets, toys or anything else.

I’m sure that most mums also do the same, and we all like to think that if the time ever came that our child would run back to us. But the sad reality is that most children would still be swayed to go with the stranger.

I think for me, especially as DS1 has social issues anyway that the video was a real eye opener, and I for one will certainly be playing closer attention when we go to the park or anywhere else in fact.

You can watch the video here, it certainly made me think:

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