That wonderful feeling when there have been no ‘incidents’ in school

So I picked DS1 up from school and upon asking the question I now dread ‘How was he today?’ I was told he had been OK. He has been a little bit tired but no issues!

Most parents don’t even need to ask the question, they send their child into school knowing they will be fine and don’t even think about it. For me I send him in, and then I worry how his day will go.

Do I envy those parents? Maybe a little if I’m honest with myself. But then to truly envy them I would want to change DS1, and that’s something I would never want to do. Help him to understand Social cues and how life works.. Yes 100% Change him? Never!!! He’s my little superhero fighting his own baddies every single day and I love him with every inch of my heart and soul.

Bella xxx

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