Strange Day

Well today has been a weird day so far, I’ve been researching for part 3 of my follow up on the HBAC post (which I will publish tomorrow) and dealing with a very stressed, agitated and clingy 4 year old as Daddy has gone away for a few days.

I’m a little concerned as to how he will cope at school. DH will be back Tuesday evening and do the school run Wednesday so all should be well then, but as any of you also dealing with a child who suffers from Social Issues/ Aspergers life can become very challenging when change is upon them! I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens. He was great this morning getting ready, but very clingy and tearful when I dropped him off.

On a lighter note, I was asked to book the travel and accommodation for the guys before they left and somehow managed to book the ferry the wrong way around (Calais – Dover). I’m such a clutz at times, in hindsight the fact the website was in French as I was booking it should have been a dead give-away… All’s well that ends well, thankfully they managed to get it sorted out and arrived safely in Germany yesterday afternoon.

Bella xxx

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