HBAC – Important Correction on statistics with Uterine Rupture

Just a quick post: I have been informed that my stats on Infant death in regards to Uterine Rupture at home are incorrect. Unfortunately they are worse than I had originally discovered.

The facts are that if you are attempting a HBAC and experience a uterine rupture then the survival rate is almost zero. On the very odd occasion where a baby has survived rupture during a HBAC there has been significant lasting brain damage, and/or the baby has passed away in the weeks following the birth. Once a mother ruptures there is only a 15 minute window to get the baby out. This isn’t possible in a home birth environment, even if you are just around the corner from the hospital!

I will update my other posts accordingly, although it may not be done today as I have a very grumpy baby boy who has had his first set of vaccinations today, hence writing this very brief post to make people aware of just how unsafe a HBAC really is.

Bella xxx

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