Dummies and Pacifiers… My newfound love after I swore I would never use one!

As I sit here typing this my youngest who is now 7 weeks is in his bouncer playing catch with his dummy, its quite amusing to watch. He spits it out, sucks it back in, uses his hands to bat it in and out and occasionally cries for me to help as he’s spat it out too far! It’s a big game and its entertaining the pair of us.

I always said I would never use a dummy, and DS1 never wanted one. However with DS2 I have had to backtrack on my opinion.

It’s not that he cries a lot. In fact he’s great, really placid and chilled out, sleeps for 6 – 8 hours through the night (Yes I know I’m extremely lucky) but he is just soooo hungry all of the time. He doesn’t have the patience to allow his brain to register that he’s just consumed 7oz of milk (yes 7oz at 7 weeks.. insanity! and he takes 8 of those in a 24 hour period).

So my solution is to give him a dummy after his feed, it settles him down and allows his feed to go down properly. It also stops him from chewing and sucking on his hands and fingers! After all you can always take a dummy away but you can’t take away hands, fingers and thumbs once they have developed the habit.

I know some of you may be thinking ‘Oh he must still be hungry’ however if I allow him more than 7oz he will promptly sick up most of the feed, so I know he is not wanting for more milk and has had enough to be satisfied, he’s just an impatient wee man 🙂 And weighing in at 12lbs already I know he is growing perfectly.

The hardest part (after deciding to get him a dummy) was trying to figure out which dummie to buy… You hear horror stories of dummies affecting teeth development and causing damage to their mouths etc etc (How much of this is true I have no idea as I’m not an expert) But I settled on the Tommee Tippee dummies, apparently they were designed by one of the leading childrens dentists and are specially shaped to help support oral development.

They are a little pricey at £4 for two, but I personally feel they are worth every penny.

Hope this helps

Bella xxx

If you want to try them you can get them on amazon:


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