Can you help?

With the amount of misinformation in regards to the safety of HBAC, I would like to try and compile a list of HBACs that have ended in a loss over the last few years.

I would like to account month by month and include a brief description of what happened and the cause of death. I will of course remove all names (unless you wish to stay public and tell your story)

I think its crucial that people understand just how dangerous this is. Most of the Pro HBAC groups will only show the successful births, the births that go wrong are hidden away and classed as fearmongering.

In addition, if you have a HBAC transfer story to share then I would love to publish it, it’s so important mothers fully understand all of the risks involved to enable them to make an informed decision in regards to their birth.

If you would like to help please contact me on this blog or leave a comment (I won’t publicise comments on this post unless you wish me to do so)

Many thanks in advance

Bella x

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